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The purpose and the mission of Expeditions George of the Jungle is to focus on the responsible use of our planet. This amazing venture is letting the world know how beautiful Leticia, Amazonas Colombia is, alongside shedding more light on its indigenous communities and natural treasures. Our vision is to introduce you to the Amazonian rainforest; an iconic destination that offers a highly desirable lifestyle, an ecological paradise with indigenous customs, through the modern South American culture. Our dedication is to make you experience “quality” tranquility in the middle of the rainforest, and expose you to its community and culture too. You can bask in the immerse peaceful time, or come alive with the nightlife nearby. The Expeditions George of the Jungle ecosystem enthralls the spirit and enriches lives of adventurers and friends from around the world. We bring you exciting activities of Ecotourism and recreation, and promote education to protect the natural rainforest. We provide a unique destination experience for all those who come to enjoy the wonders of the Amazon Rain Forest