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Leticia, Amazonas – Colombia

The Magic Destination

Designs a special program to introduce the most mysterious and exotic regions of Colombia, Peru and Brazil, where the Amazon River joins three countries (Colombia, Peru and Brazil), have the benefit to explore the ethnic origin and the environment, the samba of Brazil, typical gastronomy of Peru, Colombia surroundings its biodiversity, indigenous traditions and more to explore.


Leticia, Amazonas. The Magic Destination

Seven million square kilometers draw the Amazon, central region and the northern South America with the countries of Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guyana, French Guiana and Suriname.Sanctuary of the earth, where the clean air that the planet breathes is born and purified. Where rivers, the forests and jungles preserve for the world, the greatest universe of nature and culture.


An altitude of 96 msnm above sea level and an average temperature of 32 ° C, near the amazon river, the city of Leticia is located, a cultural connector that unites the countries of Brazil, Peru and Colombia. A nationwide and international tourist destination, where Spanish, Portuguese and the native languages ​​of the indigenous groups of the region are spoken.Leticia is the capital of the department state of Amazonas, founded on April 25, 1867 by the Peruvian military officer Benigno Bustamante, with the name of San Antonio and later, the engineer Manuel Charón in memory of his fiancee Leticia Smith, would give the name of Leticia .


The population is about 50 thousand. It is distant from the Colombian capital, 1,400 km for a journey of 1 hour and 45 minutes by air from Bogotá. The city has basic services such as Aqueduct, electricity, communication and connectivity; hotels, restaurants, tourism operating agencies, foreign currency exchange houses, transportation, public library, banking services, and inter-border trade, among others. The tourist offer of the place contains Ecotourism, ethno-ecotourism, observation tourism, adventure; gastronomic, cultural and scientific tourism.


As a biodiverse and multicultural region, Leticia, is the happy city, offers unique attractions, exclusive tours, expeditions, safari, gastronomy, flora and fauna, as well as coexistence with ethnic groups from the triple border towns. All this environment of nature and culture of great world interest, is an invitation to Colombians and foreigners, to visit Leticia, Amazonas Colombia.


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