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Jungle Experience


The experience in the jungle is usually exciting and special at night, where we can hear nature, see animals, breathe clean and pollution-free air, walk along the great rivers of the Amazon, eat exotic food and much more. regions with the greatest biodiversity in the world.

Why not take a vacation in the jungle?

If you can plan to travel, pack your bags, your camera and look for a travel agency like Expeditions George Of The Jungle that will give you a tour in the Leticia region of Colombia. You still don’t know or have you never entered the jungle?


These are some recommendations to prepare your trip in Leticia

1: suitcases

It is preferable to wear comfortable cotton clothing and light colors, since dark tones attract the attention of insects.

2: In your booty

It is always advisable to carry pain relievers and antihistamines, these will help calm headaches or discomfort caused by constant exposure to the sun and insect bites.


During the tours through the jungle it is important to get a lot of liquids due to the heat that there is and to hydrate ourselves we would not do much better … it is essential to ensure that the liquids must be prepared with portable water.

4.Contact with indigenous peoples

It is advisable to respect whether to visit a digital community before taking photos or recording a video, it would be better to ask, a very controversial issue is whether to pay for the photos or not.

5. A prepared guide

Walking through the jungle seems very easy or fun, but if the truth is it is also very dangerous but do not worry at Expeditions George Of The Jungle we have the best guide to guide you during your journey with us.

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